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Darkspore (2020). Developer: A tiny Fish. Darkspore is a 2D action RPG where the players take control of a Darkspore creature. You will need to examine the mysterious planet’s many locations to access information about the roots of yours and who you’re. World of Darts (2020). Developer: Team Darts. World of Darts is a turn based multiplayer darts game which is incredibly parallel to Darts Up! You are able to perform with just one or two players, and you are able to compete in competitive events.

Anodyne (2018). Developer: Anodyne Games. Anodyne is a deep puzzle adventure with puzzle mechanics inspired by Marble Madness, Portal and Braid. The protagonist in Anodyne is named Anna, and she must rescue her father from his dark lab. The Game Kitchen (2019). Developer: The Game Kitchen. The Game Kitchen is an indie game studio based in Montreal, Canada. The upcoming game of theirs is a narrative driven game about a regular female that will get swept up in a conspiracy.

HyperParasite. HyperParasite is a 2D action platformer that had been introduced in 2023. It has been praised for its busy gameplay and retro aesthetic. HyperParasite is a game about a male named Tommy who’s possessed by a parasite. The parasite gives Tommy new powers, which he uses to fend off the evil forces which may have taken over the globe. HyperParasite is an action-packed and fast-paced game that will keep you entertained from beginning to end.

The good Shikishi Fight. In this game you are likely to a city where folks are planning for their wedding party. When you turn up, you discover you’re not in the city and you’re experiencing several types of enemies. It is up to help you to defeat them and attempt to preserve the day. This game is a browser-based game that you must find 3 ways to complete. The ways you must find are: the treasure, the gate, so the enemy’s approach. The treasure is in the midst of a village, guarded by soldiers, in which you can find a treasure chest.

The treasure is a little too difficult, however, it’s well worth the trouble. To identify the gate, you need to go and beat the foes. You have to go through the gate to get to another place. Once there, you should find the gate key, where you’re planning to get a new map. At the end of the map, you are going to find the enemy’s approach. He resides at the complete opposite of the village. The enemy option is the key to winning the game, although it’s not very easy to uncover.

Visit: itch-nsfw.github.io The great Shikishi Fight Aura Kingdom is a free-to-play MMORPG that has a rich story and comprehensive battle system. Players can select from a variety of classes and races, as well as take a look at a vast industry filled with monsters, quests, and dungeons. As we noted in our recent announcement of the end of the itch.

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